Reasons to Be Happy, by Tony Hoagland

Some birds are people-watchers. The worms can hear us walking over them. The loaves and fishes multiplied the Christians. We were wrong about so many things. We thought the world was mute, or just disinterested, or dead. Yet the sunrise liked being looked at by sleepy cabdrivers. The billboard was unashamed of its live nude … Continue reading

Rodeo, by Joseph Mills

Rodeo A student smacks the book on to his desk, looks around, and says, “I hate poetry.” Several nod, thrilled to have someone voice what they feel. It’s not yet a mob, but if Poetry were coaxed into an alley I bet some of them would follow to help beat the hell out of it. … Continue reading

On the Back Porch, Dorianne Laux

The cat calls for her dinner. On the porch I bend and pour brown soy stars into her bowl, stroke her dark fur. It’s not quite night. Pinpricks of light in the eastern sky. Above my neighbor’s roof, a transparent moon, a pink rag of cloud. Inside my house are those who love me. My … Continue reading

Failing And Flying

Press-Play Poetry: ‘Failing And Flying’ : from NPR. A wonderful poem by Jack Gilbert on life, success, triumph, and the end of glory, before something else happens.