Querencia Taos :: ¿What is Querencia?

¿What Is Querencia? Querencia (Cay-ráincia): There is a secret spot where the antelope grazes without fear, a place where the eagle can nest in peace and a dog can sleep belly up in the sun. In the bullring, it’s called Querencia, and its translation is as diverse as the enigma of its existence. In Racing Through … Continue reading


Main Entry: su·sur·rus Pronunciation: \su̇-ˈsər-əs, -ˈsə-rəs\ Function: noun Etymology: Latin, hum, whisper — more at swarm Date: 1826 : a whispering or rustling sound — su·sur·rant \-ˈsər-ənt, -ˈsə-rənt\ adjective susurrus