A Prayer for Rain, Lisel Mueller

Let it come down: these thicknesses of air have long enough walled love away from love; stillness has hardened until words despair of their high leaps and kisses shut themselves back into wishing. Crippled lovers lie against a weather which holds out on them, waiting, awaiting some shrill sign, some cry, some screaming cat that … Continue reading

Although you sit in a room that is gray, by Wallace Stevens

Although you sit in a room that is gray, Except for the silver Of the straw-paper, And pick At your pale white gown; Or lift one of the green beads Of your necklace, To let it fall; Or gaze at your green fan Printed with the red branches of a red willow; Or, with one … Continue reading

Reasons to Be Happy, by Tony Hoagland

Some birds are people-watchers. The worms can hear us walking over them. The loaves and fishes multiplied the Christians. We were wrong about so many things. We thought the world was mute, or just disinterested, or dead. Yet the sunrise liked being looked at by sleepy cabdrivers. The billboard was unashamed of its live nude … Continue reading

I can’t really remember the days.

I can’t really remember the days. The light of the sun blurred and annihilated all color. But the nights, I remember them. The blue was more distant than the sky, beyond all depths, covering the bounds of the world. The sky, for me, was the stretch of pure brilliance crossing the blue, that cold coalescence … Continue reading

30 Indispensable Writing Tips From Famous Authors

For fun.  Writing quotes from, well, take a look. 30 Indispensable Writing Tips From Famous Authors.

The Art of Poetry No. 33, John Ashbery

Paris Review – The Art of Poetry No. 33, John Ashbery. Click to read a wonderful interview with poet John Ashbery