The Revenge of Tippi Hedren, Alfred Hitchcock’s Muse –

The Revenge of Alfred Hitchcock’s Muse By ANDREW GOLDMAN Published: October 5, 2012 1 Comment The new HBO movie “The Girl” depicts your relationship with Alfred Hitchcock, who, after giving you your first movie role in “The Birds,” plants an unwanted kiss on you, tries to blackmail you for sex and stalks you. Why would … Continue reading

Little Free Library Project

Big things start small. Oh, yes. They are seeing growth in leaps and bounds and what a wonderful idea. Had to share. Little Free Library  – Home.

What is this feeling called? From

Dear Cary, I am a young, female graduate student with the usual disclaimer: fantastic relationship, material necessities covered, living in a lovely city, great family, plenty of friends, happy and content, etc. Here is my problem: I am occasionally (about once per week) gripped by an intense emotion that, as far as I can tell, … Continue reading

Speaking of birth …

My youngest just approached me and asked me out of the blue if I remembered him being born. (He’d just seen something about it on television, I think.) I said, of course, yes, I did, and asked him if he remembered being born. He gazed off for a moment, trying to remember, and of course, … Continue reading

In spring

She’d walked outside late morning in pajamas and bare feet, to take something or other to the trash. On the way back in, her gaze fell over the yard. Robins were singing, and for spring to be just about in full stride, all she noted in full color were the odd daffodil or hyacinth popping … Continue reading

An Open Letter to my Dad

December 30, 2008 They buried your dad today. It was a simple black casket. The day was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, and it was just cool enough for a jacket. The breeze was blowing the flags on the nearby flagpoles. I was a little late, because I had to drop off the … Continue reading

Another long journey.


What does summer mean to you? How about summers at the lake, for one … In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams I remember climbing my grandmother’s mimosa tree with my cousin. They’re blooming now and I can’t pass one without thinking about it. Y’all stay out of this ridiculous heat and be … Continue reading

Summer reading …

I’m looking for a copy of The City & The City by China Mieville, if anyone can put their hands on one that I can borrow. Thank you!