Something above and outside

True love does not fear its object. Knowingly and deliberately it enters the lists unarmed. … These men know that these women will never give them cause for jealousy. They love them with a love which is beyond the crazy alternations of passion, because confidence, when it is complete, becomes sublime. When feeling reaches a certain degree of loftiness it completely masters our imperfect human nature. ‘Love, in these noble spirits, is guaranteed by a sort of grandeur which excludes all doubt.’ Of such a kind was Corneille, and, often, Stendahl. The love they value is not Romantic, for Romantic Love is garrulous and unrestrained. Rather, as Alain says, it is Ideal, something above and outside the laws of society. To reach the level of Ideal Love, it is not necessarey to live on the heights or in a prison. The true possessors of an ideal love build their own prison, a well-defended place, upon the secret summits of their hearts.



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