A wonderful palmful of summer poems.

Tate Street

July is a rich time for poetry; a time for summer poems. We love the nostalgia of the heat, the summer camps, thunderstorms, the plenty of the farm, tanned legs, and even slugs.  Here are a few of our favorite summer poems.

It’s time to get writing.   What are your favorite poems of the warmest season?

A small fishing town, Herrang, Sweden in July

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  1. * says:

    Thank you for sharing! What are some of your favorites? I’d love to read them

  2. I love Sharon Olds, I was able to see here recite live at my college in California. She is awesome.!

    • Sharon Olds and Dorianne Laux are two of my biggest influences. Thank you for commenting! I envy your listening/watching Olds read!

      • I could have wrote a poem about that. This small tiny framed women with long, straight hair, peppered black and grey read with a softly spoken tone. “The Solution” LOL! I will never forget that.

      • The Solution is a nice smack of reality about the passiveness of Americans and while Olds writes a tremendous amount of sex, she also writes pain with such exquisite frankness and innocence. I’ve been reading her ever since I received your comment and am now washed ashore, wrung out with grief, but needed to spend some time with her. Thank you.

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