What a fabulous resource for writers. Just passing along the word. Thank you, Tate Street High Society.

Tate Street

As summer offers its refreshing season (and by refreshing, we mean week-long heat waves in the 90’s and above), you may want to spend some time indoors.  What better to do than spend some time submitting your work to your favorite journals?

As you prepare to send out your story, poems, chapbook, or manuscript, you suddenly feel overwhelmed. Where do you start? Is Ploughshares accepting work currently?  What percentage chance do I have of publishing a poem in The Black Warrior Review or Tin House?(As of today, the stats suggest 0.18 % for Tin House based on 1700 users and 0.28 % for Black Warrior based on 1000 users).

Have no fear! Or at least less fear.  A few good writer friends of ours have suggested the website Duotrope; a statistical phenom for organizing over 4,000 literary markets for you to send your masterpiece(s). We, ourselves, have become…

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  1. * says:

    Thanks for the reblog. We hope TSHS and Duotrope helps all of your readers find LitMag success!

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