20 Lines a Day

Click here: 20 Lines

If you haven’t caught my new writing/photography project yet, you need to check it out.  It was created in homage to the now defunct project, Genius or Not. The exercise was inspired by Harry Mathews, who in 1980 attempted to overcome writer’s block by committing to producing “twenty lines a day, genius or not” for a period of one year, following an exhortation that Stendhal once made to himself. The texts Mathews produced in this way are collected in his book 20 Lines a Day.

I revised the format a bit (primarily to encourage some photographer friends of mine) to include photography.  Two more writers joined in and another is seriously considering signing up, so here we have a cool little art blog coming together.

So.  Up to 20 Lines of poetry, 500 words of prose, or one photograph, a day … Genius or not.

By the way, if you enjoy writing or photography, you can join us, too.  E-mail me at melissah2011@gmail.com

3 Responses to “20 Lines a Day”
  1. I really love your new project. Bravo !
    I’ve created a blog entry and stopped there, but I will try to conribute a little at a time.

    I’d love to post few photos, so do what you need to do to enable me and thanks..this will be fun.

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