On Purdy

He tells me it took him 20 minutes to write “The Cariboo Horses” and seven years to write “Post Script.” He tells me he thinks he interviewed Irving Layton better than I am interviewing him and accidentally knocks a brimming glass of wild grape wine all over the front of my best white summer dress. He tells me he believes “there’s a discipline, a very clear sense of discipline and tradition: If you don’t want to be influenced, you aren’t writing poetry at all. I hope to tell the truth — or my truth; objective truth is something else — in the best way and it may include beauty and it may not. I think I have said, in most cases, what I have wanted to say. And, I don’t think it’s beautiful nor is beauty what I was after. I wanted to find out — in my head and in my mind — what I really felt about things.”


Write. Talk. Tell me everything.

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